Why would my dog and I love an advanced course?

People often finish the first class for older dogs on a high, feeling very proud that their dog has achieved skills they never thought possible. Others see that the dog is being stimulated and responding better in daily life at home.
This is a course for people who want to develop their dog’s skills even further, participating because the whole experience is thoroughly enjoyable and enriching for dogs and humans alike!


This class is designed for dogs who have completed the first course for older dogs, at Fern Bay, Anna Bay, Shoal Bay, Teralba or  Mayfield West.
The class is limited to 8 dogs to allow for appropriate input and feedback to all participants.


During a 6-week course dogs and their humans will extend their skills to:

  • Much longer and stronger “Stays”
  • Off-lead recalls over longer distances, while passing distractions
  • Refinement of recalls to include the “Finish”
  • Increased resistance to jumping, in the presence of greater stimuli
  • Use of commands over greater distances
  • Introductory agility exercises: hurdles, tunnel, hoop, pause table


We have Level 2 Classes in Fern Bay and Anna Bay.

It’s important to note that classes will have numbers limited to 8 dogs. You need to attend all 6 weeks and that is why the calendar only starts the starting day for each course. If you need to start on a different date or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0459 574 428 and we will help you find the perfect course dates!

As Fern Bay and Anna Bay are outside venues start dates may be delayed if we have had inclement weather during the previous course.

We attended Puppy classes with our little Chihuahua, Chai. Although the size of his brain must be minutely tiny, he has incredible intelligence. His behaviour has been exceptional and easily absorbs all commands asked of him. He is 12 weeks old, weighs 1.4 kilos but can sit, drop, stand, shake, wait, comprehends “off” and is so adorable. We are deeply appreciative for the newly acquired knowledge in dog behaviour training from Julie (and Michelle). We cannot thank you enough for giving us the confidence and support we needed to make our little treasure happy, healthy, content and barkers-in-balance.

- Narelle & Tiffany

Upcoming Level 2 Classes

Your Investment: $220 per dog

Saturday March 17, Fern Bay, 4pm BOOK COURSE NOW

Sunday April 8, Anna Bay, 4:30pm BOOK COURSE NOW

Sunday TBA, Teralba Public School, 10.30am BOOK COURSE NOW